In a bid to create awareness for its Mission and activities, the Special Guarantee Fund (SGF) decided to sponsor beach volleyball tournaments which were held in Rubavu District at Tam Tam Beach.The recent tournament sponsored by the SGF took place from 14th to 15th November, 2015 respectively.

 Unlike the previous year's sponsorship, the theme for this year sponsorship was aiming at encouraging, as well as calling upon motor vehicle road users to always take Insurance cover for Compulsory Third Party Civil Liability.

This sponsorship of beach volley came in place in addition to awareness for SGF mission and activities through a weekly emission on Radio Rwanda which was being broadcasted on Radio Rwanda which has the highest media coverage in the country and the sponsorship of African sitting volleyball tournament organized by the National Paralympic Committee of Rwanda.

The tournament was well attended by groups of people residing in Rubavu and other beach volleyball fans coming from different parts of the country and in East Africa.